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Mini Basketball Board
Mini Basketball Board
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A product is a story,a choose is a kind of enjoyment.

  Since 2009, Ningbo SNO has been successfully helping global buyers from worldwide to enlarge their market on plastic products. Every detail can see our excelsior attitude, Ningbo SNO is not only sell products, is yearning for a better life. We understand deeply what we are selling, we are helping to build this great world, people can rest assured to buy and sell Plastic products have quality assurance, we ensure everyone get what they want of plastic product and the world will be more harmonious and beautiful.

  Our plastic products use phthlates free material to comply with international standards. Over the past few years, Ningbo SNO factory has invested in machines, factory infrastructure, management team and sales teams and enthusiastic worker staff in workershop, due to the management direction of "Customer first", Ningbo Sno has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion throughout this tough economic time.

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